'The Future of Markdown'

Jeff Atwood ponders the future of the ever-popular-among-nerds “HTML for writers”:

Markdown is a wonderful tool, but it does suffer a bit from lack of project leadership. The so-called “spec” is anything but, and there are dozens of different flavors of Markdown out there, all with differences in the way they behave. While they are broadly compatible, Stack Overflow and GitHub have both tweaked Markdown in ways that can trip you up if you’re familiar with one but not the other; compare GitHub Flavor with Stack Overflow Flavor.


I’d really prefer not to fork the language; I’d much rather collectively help carry the banner of Markdown forward into the future, with the blessing of John Gruber and in collaboration with other popular sites that use Markdown.

So … who’s with me?

I’ve mentioned numerous times how much I love Markdown. Every word published to this site is written in Markdown -- I wouldn't have it any other way. It’s pushed me to embrace using plain text for everything I write, as well as focus on my writing more. Which is to say, because the formatting syntax is so easy and second nature, I’m more in tune with content as opposed to stopping to dick around with little toolbar buttons.

It’d be terrific to see Markdown standardized beyond its basic tenents.

(via Michael Lopp)