The Fire's on Fire

MG Siegler, on the Kindle Fire’s quick ascension to the second rung of the tablet totem pole:

It took Amazon two weeks to do what none of the other tablet players could do for months: create a hit Android tablet.
I totally agree with MG on this: it looks bad for Google when Amazon essentially closes -- pun fully intended -- Google out of their own OS.1 I bet it really pisses Google off too2, given all they’ve done with Honeycomb. That said, I’m not surprised to see Amazon be the company to provide Apple with some “competition”. Amazon knows their shit and, like Apple, knows how to hook consumers.3 I’m betting if not an iPad, most people choose the Kindle Fire because 1) it’s Amazon; and 2) people know the Kindle brand. Like I said, Amazon knows what they’re doing. The best part? The Fire should only get better. There just might be hope for the tablet market after all.

  1. I say “closed” because while the Fire does run Android, Amazon built their own custom UI for it, to the point that your average consumer (read: non-geeks) wouldn’t necessarily know the thing’s technically running Android. ↩
  2. Pissed off in the sense that the Google-fied tablets running Gingerbread/Honeycomb have sold like shit in a bag.  ↩
  3. They also know enough not to shoehorn Gingerbread into a tablet form factor, then try to pass it off as a viable alternative to the iPad.  ↩