The Facebook IPO

Charles Skoda has some interesting thoughts on Facebook’s IPO:

Someone could be building something right now, in secret, that could obsolete Facebook. Software is ‘soft’ for a reason, it can change fast. Facebook could easily get overtaken by an upstart. Why do you think they’re so eager to buy out anything that resembles competition? Remember when MySpace was a behemoth? Everyone forgot about MySpace in a short span of months. Microsoft and Apple have endured as software companies because of the complex and substantial connection they have to hardware platforms. The software behind Facebook is not quite trivial, but don’t forget, there are other smart kids in college dorms all over the place.

Skoda makes two big points in his post:

  1. Facebook’s time in the limelight is short; and
  2. Their mobile experience sucks.

To the first point, while I agree Facebook won’t be the #1 social network forever, I actually really like using it. Using the service has allowed me to re-connect with so many people, both old and new. For me, Facebook serves its purpose. As for the second point about mobile, I agree with Skoda that Facebook’s mobile experience is lacking. The iOS apps seem to have gotten worse over time, and it’s a damn shame that it took so long for them to release an iPad version. In addition, I think the UX overall lacks insofar that I dislike the Timeline and I hate getting app requests from friends. I’ve learned to live with Timeline, but I’m absolutely not interested in the app requests I so often get from friends.

Yet despite Skoda’s pessimism, there’s no denying Mark Zuckerberg has had a helluva week:

(via TBR)