The Cigarette of This Century

Ian Bogost for The Atlantic, on the technologies that shape us:

Today, all our wives and husbands have Blackberries or iPhones or Android devices or whatever—the progeny of those original 950 and 957 models that put data in our pockets. Now we all check their email (or Twitter, or Facebook, or Instagram, or…) compulsively at the dinner table, or the traffic light. Now we all stow our devices on the nightstand before bed, and check them first thing in the morning. We all do. It’s not abnormal, and it’s not just for business. It’s just what people do. Like smoking in 1965, it’s just life.

For better or worse, this sentiment is spot-on.

I know I couldn’t live without my iPhone -- getting one changed my life forever.1

(via Shawn Blanc)

  1. I still have that first-gen iPhone in its original box. Too bad it bricked due to water damage.  ↩