Thank You

With 2014 a few hours away — at least here on the west coast — I wanted to thank you, my readers, for a terrific 2013 here on Steven’s Blog.

It’s hard to believe that come late February, this site will turn 4 years old. While this site has never been (nor will it likely ever be) very big in terms of audience, the fact that Steven’s Blog does have a small readership has never once deterred me from writing. The number of RSS subscribers isn’t why I “come to work every day”, so to speak; rather, the reason I post here pretty much every day is because I love writing. For as much as I do it for others, to share what I deem worthy information, the main reason for persisting with my site is for me and my satisfaction. It makes me feel good to keep this place running; it’s an outlet and definitely helps keep me sharp as a writer, technically speaking. Put simply, I love it here.

2013 saw the crossing of the 200,000 mark in terms of cumulative words ever published to Steven’s Blog. I don’t know exactly when I crossed that threshold, but I found it a pretty neat achievement. As I said, I post every day out of my love for my craft. My hope is to keep the momentum going into the new year, with even more posts. Between my freelance work and managing this site, I wrote more words this year than ever before. But it felt great — I had an amazing year, and look forward to an even better 2014.

Thanks to you guys for the support, and for joining me on this journey. Happy New Year!