On Liberals & Progressives

I saw this from Progressive Review on Twitter last night. Great stuff, as always, by Sam Smith.

I’ve always labeled myself -- apparently incorrectly after reading this -- as a liberal, but the truth is I’m more progressive. As Smith shows, it’s important not to conflate the two, as they are quite different. That said, reading this made me a bit sad because it reinforced the notion that the two-party system we employ in this country is flawed. Which is to say, running a government that assumes only the opinions and values of two groups of people is short-sighted. It implies that Democrats and Republicans are the only ones with any ideas, but then it leaves out a lot of people whose voices deserve to be heard. That you can vote Green or Libertarian or whatever isn’t the point; the point is Greens like my uncle have such a minority stake in the system that their views effectively mean nothing. That’s bullshit, which is why people like my uncle vote as they do -- on principle, giving the finger to the machine.