'The Allure of Medium and Svbtle'

Thord D. Hedengren wonders how the respective blogging services fit into his life:

What I’m having trouble wrapping my head around is what these services mean for someone like me. I really don’t need another place to post content, I’ve got this site and a Swedish one too, along with whatever side project that I’m meddling with at the time. Publishing my words were never an issue, and I’d imagine it’s not much of an issue for anyone these days, with tools like WordPress.com and Tumblr at our disposal. Blogging solved the accessible publishing platform issue a long time ago. I'm on both Medium and Svbtle, but haven't used either service much. I've struggled too with the question of where both fit into my writing life, because like Hedengren, I like Medium and Svbtle a lot. More often that not, however, I feel as if I've found my own "voice" via this site. If I'm not freelancing, I'm writing here --- and here is where I feel most comfortable. I won't say I'm throwing in the towel on Medium and Svbtle, but I think Steven's Blog has far more value and longevity for me and my Internet presence than either Medium or Svbtle.