Tapbots Releases Netbot for iOS

Lead developer Paul Haddad introduces Netbot on the company blog:

Today we’re releasing our newest bots into the world; Netbot for iPhone and Netbot for iPad. These are our clients for the App.net social network. If you love Tweetbot and are on App.net, you’ll want Netbot.

I heard the news on Twitter this morning, then instantly hit the App Store to get it. I’ve used a couple other ADN clients (Adian and Felix) and they’re both very good, but I’m glad Tapbots made theirs. That I love Tweetbot so much speaks volumes for the fact I spent $101 on an app for a service I don’t really use.

Netbot is, in every way, Tweetbot but for App.net. The UI is virtually identical, except the app icon is greyish instead of blue. I’m inclined to agree with Brett Kelly when he tweeted earlier today that Netbot’s interface should differentiate itself from Tweetbot. Since the Timeline views in both apps are so similar, it’s really easy to forget which app/service you’re using. (Though, in my case, it’s probably not good that I have Netbot and Tweetbot side by side in my Social folder across my devices.) Still, Netbot is a great client and, who knows, it may even propel me to use App.net more.

  1. $4.99 each for the iPhone and iPad versions.  ↩