Talking Design with Ryan Sims conducted a cool interview with Rdio’s design chief:

Can you tell us a little bit about the challenge of balancing visual design and UI as a web product designer. How do you stand out from other music products?

“Music is magical. Discovering and consuming it should be a joy. One thing we’ve tried to do with Rdio is bring the music to the foreground by pushing everything else to the back. If Rdio is the canvas, the music is the paint. And we are trying to compose spectacular landscapes. Being a company that values design at every level and having such a design-driven product, we can take some pretty big design risks where others might be more cautious and conservative. This is one hell of an opportunity and it’s something every one of our designers has a good grasp of and takes very seriously.”

Rdio on iOS is one of the most visually stunning apps on the platform. I love how long-pressing on an album takes you to an options screen where the album art is highlighted, but the background colors matches that of the album cover. That’s a really nice touch. In fact, the design of Rdio’s app was highly influential as I contemplated moving away from iTunes.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Sims and team have planned for Rdio and iOS 7.

(via Shawn Blanc)