Tablet Market Redux

Marco Arment, in a footnote about tablets to avoid this holiday season:

Imagine the look on the recipient’s face when, hoping for an iPad, they open up a suspiciously small box to reveal an opened, rooted Nook Color.

“It’s better!”

I read Marco’s post after seeing the nitwits at HSN hawk another no-name tablet1. It’s sad, really, seeing these people work so hard to pitch a device they clearly know nothing about. They’re still saying Brand X tablet is better than the iPad because it plays Flash despite Adobe abandoning it, has expandable memory via microSD, and, of course, costs less than the “iGuy’s” $500. And lest we forget that this “just as good” tablet runs an OS -- Gingerbread -- that was built for smartphones.

I don’t mean to suggest that the iPad is for everyone2, but I stand by my assertion that Amazon will be the one who dominates the parts of the tablet market Apple leaves behind, even with the Kindle Fire’s problems. Still, though, when people think “tablet”, they immediately think iPad. To argue that a knock-off is just as good is stupid and insulting to consumers’ intelligence. Even non-techies know about the iPad, and they aren’t going to be happy being given some lame piece of shit.

  1. The one HSN is selling is from a company called Impressions. It’s pretty much an iPad running Android: same screen size, same resolution, even the same IPS display. For all the hosts’ orgasms over this thing on-air, I’m very amused by the 2-star customer rating.

  2. Actually, maybe it is for everyone: to date, Apple's sold 40 million iPads.