Best Practices for Eating Sushi

Jessica Saia and Isla Bell Murray, writing for The Bold Italic:

In the spirit of education, I went to one of the best sushi restaurants in San Francisco: Ichi Sushi. They’re in the process of opening a new location and commissioned lettering master Erik Marinovich to paint a huge mural in the new space that beautifully breaks down all the do’s of eating sushi. It’s a fantastic mural, but lacks the hard truths about what exactly we’ve all been doing so wrong. Allow me to show, not tell. Here, I’ve chosen five rules detailed in Erik’s mural, and asked a fellow sushi lover (who knows she holds her chopsticks weird, okay??) to reenact the good, the bad, and the OH GOD STOP IT YOU’RE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF of sushi etiquette. I shall not reveal the way my little sister eats sushi --- it's in the OH GOD, PLEASE DON'T! category.