'Become a Hero'

Stephen Hackett writes about St. Jude and his son’s battle with cancer:

A week from today, tens of thousands of people from around the world will run races, winding across the city of Memphis to raise money for St. Jude.

Over the past four and a half years, the hospital has spent millions on my son’s treatment. He’s had four brain operations, 18 rounds of chemotherapy, over a dozen MRIs, countless CT scans and is still undergoing weekly rehabilitation services.


Join us. Be a part of the cure. The team members listed at the link are all running Saturday for my son, but the race — the fight — against cancer isn’t over yet.

I link to this for a few reasons, as this topic hits home for me on many levels:

  1. I consider Stephen a pal.
  2. I’ve lost two very close members of my family — albeit adults — to cancer.
  3. As someone who’s studied and worked extensively with young children, I find it almost unfathomable and downright cruel that a child, let alone anyone else, has to deal with such a fucking merciless disease like cancer. It’s crazy.

I donated to Stephen’s son’s team; if you can, I strongly suggest joining me (and others).