Steven's Blog Now Tweets

I wanted to let everyone know that, as of tonight, this site is now on Twitter.

Previously, I used to tweet links to posts from my personal account, which worked well except that it’s protected. I’ve been getting lots of encouragement from family and friends to make my writing more public, as they feel I have a gift for writing that should be shared with others. So, to that end, I decided one way to make my work more readily accessible would be to give my site its own tweeter. Of course, the account is public, and from now on I’ll be double-posting links to content here on both mine and the site’s accounts. In addition, I’ll likely tweet other updates such as cosmetic changes and maintenance issues.

If you’re at all interested in what I produce here, please follow. Thanks so much for the support!

You can follow the site by clicking the link above or by visiting the Contact page.