So a couple nights ago I gave my patented keynote presentation on working with special needs preschoolers. I ended up blabbering for an hour and a half. And I loved every minute of it. For someone who's so self-conscious about his speech impediment -- I hate that I stutter, I really do -- the fact that I'm an old pro when it comes to public speaking is quite the wonder. I've done two presentations a year for one of my school's Early Childhood Studies classes for about 2-3 years now. I've also done the same sort of thing for Fremont Unified and other agencies that work with children and their families. I really enjoy it and I'm honored that so many people think highly enough of me to ask me to share my experiences and expertise. Sometimes I even get paid for my cameo appearances. When the funds are there, of course. Damn economy. It's a really empowering feeling to be able to stand up in front of a relatively large group of people and talk about myself and what I do. My stuttering be damned, these presentations are the highlights of the semesters. For me and, apparently, the people listening to me. I relish these opportunities to share and educate and, to an extent, hopefully inspire. The best parts of the job are the rousing ovation and the positive feedback I get. The audience's eyes are Krazy-glued to me most of the time and I get a lot of praise afterward with people commenting how great I was. And how I really know my shit. Not too shabby for an insecure stutterer, I say.