The 512 Pixels Review of the iPad Air

Speaking of iPad reviews, here's my pal Stephen Hackett on his new Air:

When picking up my wife’s iPad 4, I’m now surprised by how much the thing weighs. In a way that only Apple can, it’s managed to make its year-old product look and feel … gross.

I think the above passage says it all about the new Air.

I bought an Air a couple weeks ago — 64GB LTE (on AT&T) Space Gray — and have been using it exclusively at home for reading, browsing the Web, email, Twitter, etc. One area where I haven't been using it (yet) is as a writing device. As far as I know, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover I pre-ordered for my Air still hasn't shipped, so I'm still toting my old iPad 3 as my "laptop". I bring this up because handling my iPad 3 after using my Air makes the 3 feel like a fat, slow ton of bricks. Stephen has it exactly right when he calls the comparison "gross". The new Air is so dramatically better in terms of size and weight that I truly feel that it offers the best of both worlds: the big screen and the form factor advantages previously reserved for the Mini. (There are many accessibility ramifications too, which I hope to write on sooner than later.) Of course there are still inherent trade-offs between iPads, but on the whole, the Air is, I think, the iPad Steve Jobs probably always dreamed of. Were he still with us, I'm sure he'd be exceedingly proud of it, and justifiably so.