Comparing the New Mac Pro and the Power Mac G4 Cube

My pal Stephen Hackett writes about the parallels between the two machines:

Apple’s new Mac Pro looks like a stunning machine. Small and quiet, yet insanely powerful, the new computer makes every other desktop for sale today look and feel ancient. However, when I think about the new Mac Pro, I can’t help but think of one of my favorite Macs in recent history: the Power Mac G4 Cube.

The Cube existed before I became a serious Mac user, but I’ve long admired its design, aesthetically and technologically. Reading Stephen’s piece, I wondered if perhaps Jony Ive and his team discussed the Cube when they started work on the iTrash Can Mac Pro. Seems like there’s a distinct lineage in terms of design — e.g., the idea of a “thermal core”.

See also: This slideshow by Dan Frakes at Macworld, in which he shows the size of the new Mac Pro relative to different objects, including a banana. The last photo, of the new Pro sitting beside the old one, is laughable. It’s ridiculous just how tiny Apple made the new model.