'Four Years of Blogging'

Stephen Hackett looks back (and ahead) on writing on the Internet:

On September 12, 512 Pixels will turn four. Well, actually, Forkbombr was founded four year ago, but I view them as the same site. Here’s a brief rundown of where it’s been, with a look toward the future.

Stephen’s one of my favorite writers -- he knows this, as I’ve told him so. 512 Pixels is one of my favorite sites. Stephen’s journalism background really shines by virtue of his writing and his site’s layout. (In fact, I took a few design cues from him for the redesign of this site.1) He brings a unique voice to the little corner of the Internet I pay attention to, and I’m proud to be a member of 512px. If you’re into technology and the like, I highly recommend checking out 512 Pixels and its companion, the 512 Podcast, on the 70Decibels network.

Congratulations to Stephen on the anniversary! Here's wishing him another four years and beyond. 

  1. Please don’t label me the Samsung of bloggers.  ↩