Starbucks to Offer In-Store Charging Stations

Roger Cheng, reporting for CNET:

Starbucks said on Thursday that it would roll out Powermat's wireless charging station in its Starbucks and Teavana shops. The deployment will begin in the San Francisco Bay Area this year and expand to other metropolitan areas in 2015. [...] But Starbucks and Powermat plan to install "Powermat Spots," which will be located in designated areas such as tables and counters, that run on a different and incompatible standard championed by the Power Matters Alliance and Duracell Powermat, a joint venture between Powermat and Procter & Gamble's Duracell brand. Only the addition of a compatible charging case would allow most phones to work with the spots. I'm happy with my charging solution, but this is a good move by Starbucks.