MG Siegler Reviews the Surface With Windows RT

The review ain't pretty, folks. This says it all:

So here I am, $650 lighter, hoping Microsoft can somehow improve this thing via several more daily software updates. I'm not holding my breath. Instead, I think it's time for a robust drop test - right into the garbage can.

I tweeted last night that I thought this review was gonna be fun to read, and it was.

The biggest problem to me, as Siegler talks about, is the inclusion of the "Desktop" app on the Surface. I don't get that at all. If Microsoft wanted to include that in the Pro model, fine, but why in the fuck is it on the Windows RT version? In my opinion, the Surface RT shouldn't try to be all things to all people. If you want a touch-centric UI, build apps optimized for touch. Instead, you have this schizophrenic device that, as Siegler notes, is slow, buggy as all hell, and doesn't have very many third-party apps. I'd like to see Microsoft succeed, but stuff like this make me feel like they're going to languish a distant third behind iOS and Android.

Gruber nails it regarding this:

A touch-optimized UI makes no more sense for a non-touch desktop than a desktop UI makes for a tablet. Apple has it right: a touch UI for touch devices, a pointer UI for pointer (trackpad, mouse) devices. Windows 8 strikes me as driven by dogma - "one Windows, everywhere".

There's a reason why OS X as we know it on a Mac isn't on the iPad: it just doesn't work well.