On Sparks Bay Area Sports

Along with my good friend Karen Datangel, I've spent the last couple months being part of an exclusive Giants Insiders group. We're local to the Bay Area, and we all follow the San Francisco Giants.

The purpose of the Insiders program was/is to act as a private beta for the Sparks Bay Area app for iPhone, which officially launched this week on the App Store. The simplest way to describe Sparks is as a Twitter for sports, in essence. You write short, Twitter-like messages (with an image) to "spark" conversation about your team(s). As a sports fan, I was eager to be part of the beta group.

In my testing, I've found Sparks to be a great concept that's well executed. It's fun to see what others are saying, and the images really draw you in to the experience. The iOS 7 UI design is well done, and I find it easy to use. The only quibble I have is that there isn't much Accessibility support, not even VoiceOver. The developers tell me it's coming in a future update, however.

Overall, a fun app that's a good 1.0. Get it.