So Annoying

I really hate the lame-ass “Rate this app!” dialog boxes in iOS.

I hate them because 1) they’re intrusive; and 2) I find it funny that developers ask people to rate their app under the assumption the user(s) are going to give them a positive review. It’s pretentious and self-serving. In my entire iTunes-using existence, I have not once left a review for anything, be it an album, song, or app. I’m fully aware that I’m capable and allowed to rate something; I just choose not to. Reviewing things just isn’t something I’m interested in doing1, so I don’t partake in it. And I don’t like developers soliciting me for them. It’s really fucking annoying and very discourteous.

Marco Arment sums up my feelings about this perfectly:

People who feel that great about having bought the app are the ones who tell their friends, or the internet public, to go buy it for themselves. And that’s far better for my sales than any App Store review will ever be. If you’re searching for the app by name because you heard it was great, you’re probably already going to buy it, and it doesn’t really matter what someone says below the screenshots.

Tweetbot is a prime example of this. I first heard about the app through John Gruber’s endorsement of it on Daring Fireball2. I trust Gruber’s opinions, so seeing that he so heartily recommended the app, I had no qualms about paying my $2 for it. And his praise of it was right on: I fell in love with it, and I think it’s without question the best Twitter client for iOS. Still, despite these glowing words of admiration, I have not once in the 9 months I’ve used the app, felt compelled to rate it in iTunes. (And I’m especially cognizant and grateful of the fact Tapbots hasn’t once asked for one either.) The fact is, most iTunes app reviews are shit anyway -- bitching because whatever app breaks on a jailbroken device, for instance. In other words, while app reviews can and should be helpful, the vast majority of them aren’t. So why bother?

I don’t, and won’t any time soon.

  1. I don’t review products elsewhere on the Internet either, like Amazon and Old Navy.

  2. Yes, I linked to that piece again.