On iOS Text Editors

Jason Snell, writing at Six Colors, on why Editorial is his current writing app of choice:

When I mention that I write a lot on the iPad these days, I’m often asked what iOS apps I’m using to write. The truth is, the story keeps shifting—I’ve never really settled on a single app, because none of them give me everything that I want.

These days I’m using Editorial most of the time. It’s got full Markdown support and syncs with Dropbox, but those features have basically become table stakes for iOS text editors. What has put Editorial over the top for me, at least for the moment, is its powerful set of user-creatable and shareable workflows. These powerful features can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts, which is huge for me since I write articles on my iPad Pro while attached to an external keyboard.

Like Jason, I've tried numerous iOS text editors, Editorial included, in a quest to find the right one for me. Ulysses is my current go-to app. It's really well done and I'm comfortable using it, although, like Jason, I don't particularly care for how the app presents links. To be honest, my main motivation for sticking with Ulysses is I'm able to use SF Mono as my text font. It's beautiful and easy to read; perhaps if I could change typefaces in other writing apps, I'd be more compelled to switch. One of the benefits of writing in Markdown is, because everything is in plain text, I can nomadically move from app to app at will and have all my documents come with me.