'Why My Kids Hate Mice'

Jason Snell, writing for Macworld:

Much has been written about how my children’s generation, raised on touchscreen devices like the iPhone and iPad, will look back on traditional computer interfaces with curiosity and bemusement. That may well be, and my kids do love using iOS devices—they use them far more than they use our Macs. But even with this generation, there seems to be an understanding that sometimes the big computer is useful. When my daughter was home sick from school one day, she watched Netflix on the iMac’s bigger screen. [...] I wish I could finish this report with a definitive finding: Yes, it seems to me that kids have fallen in love with the trackpad, or disdain anything that isn’t an iPad, or something like that. But in fact, at least in my house, the children have done exactly what their parents have done: They’ve embraced the right tool for the job. Sometimes that’s iOS, and sometimes that’s a Mac. The only thing I know for sure is that nobody in my house likes traditional mice at all. In my experience, I find that I much prefer using a mouse to my MacBook's trackpad. It feels more comfortable, and I feel more precise moving the cursor around. There are times that I use the trackpad to gesture (e.g., five-finger spread to show the Desktop), but most of my navigation is done via mouse. Like Snell's kids, I believe in using the right tool for the job, and think touch- and keyboard and mouse-based input methods each have their rightful place. Put another way, when on my Mac, I don't necessarily "miss" the lack of a touchscreen. Again, different interaction for different interfaces.