'The Case for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro'

Jason Snell has a piece on the rumor Apple is releasing an "in between" iPad Pro:

I love the 12.9-inch iPad Pro because I love that huge screen and all the information that can be displayed on it. But there’s no denying that it’s a beast, at 12 by 8.7 inches and 1.6 pounds. I pick up my wife’s iPad Air and am shocked at how small and light it is. A lighter and smaller iPad Pro that still offered a big screen with lots of pixels—that really interests me.

I wholeheartedly agree here. I love my 12.9" iPad Pro for its screen, but there's no getting around the fact it's a beast. Like Jason, I would love a smaller iPad that retained the Big Pro's screen and pixel density. It'd be the best of both worlds—big display but in a form factor more in line with the current 9.7" iPad Pro.