Jason Snell's iPad Air 2 Review

As usual with all of his reviews, Jason offers an excellent take:

[W]hen I look at the power that Apple’s dropped into the iPad Air 2, I’m convinced that the use of iPads as everyday tools will just keep on growing. These devices are in their infancy; the iPad has existed for less than five years, and is now on its sixth generation. They’ve come a long way, and in some ways the software hasn’t really kept up with the hardware.

A device this powerful deserves software that takes advantage of it, and every time I try to use a professional tool with my iPad I end up getting frustrated at how much slower the touch interactions are than just using an old-fashioned keyboard and mouse on my Mac. For the iPad to truly be a productivity tool, it needs to allow me to be roughly as productive as I can be on my Mac—and right now for most of my uses it’s just not. The hardware is willing, but the software is (in many cases) still too weak.

I’m very happy with last year’s, still-for-sale iPad Air, but the Air 2 seems like a helluva device.