'Expectations for WatchKit'

David Smith writes about his enthusiasm for Apple Watch's developer APIs:

So to start with we will be given the ability to implement actionable notifications and Glances. This is what I believe we are getting with the SDK release this month. It will only be later next year that full apps will be possible. It is not a stretch to think that later next year is code for WWDC next June. Likely along with WatchOS (or whatever they call it) version 2.0. There is a delightful symmetry with the history of iPhone OS, where we didn’t get a full SDK until 2.0 (though I’m sure people will similarly jailbreak to get a head-start). Like Smith, I'm very excited for WatchKit to ship. Apple Watch's new paradigms --- in usability and in software --- are so new, so unique that it absolutely does evoke a "child-like awe and curiosity" around the device's capabilities. In particular, I'm very keen to know what, if any, Accessibility frameworks (Siri excepted) are built into the Watch. The Watch will have to be accommodating to users with disabilities, and I'm excited to find out how Apple achieves this given the new form factor. (via 512 Pixels)