Small Details. Big Difference.

Federico Viticci tweeted this today about Apple’s invitations to the “iPad 3” event next week:

Here’s a picture of the invitation:


As I mentioned, the design of these media event invitations are great. As usual, Apple’s attention to detail shines. They’re thoughtful, whimsical works of art, and always very well done. It’s too bad these things are invite-only1, because I’d love to get one of these announcements in my inbox.

Consider the invitation Apple sent out for the iPhone 4S unveiling last October:


You’ve got four iOS system app icons, each representing something:

  • The Calendar icon shows the date, in this case Tuesday the 4th.
  • The Clock icon shows the time: 10:00am PST (the usual for Apple events).
  • The Maps app showing the location of the event, in this case Apple HQ.
  • The Phone app, with a badge showing the number “1”.

Then there’s the one sentence tagline: “Let’s talk iPhone”. Simple.

It’s the quintessential, minimalistic Apple design. They even give a shit about their event invitations.

Somebody give Phil Schiller a medal.

  1. The live event may be invite-only, but Apple always makes their keynotes viewable by all later.