'Instagram Just Geotagged Us to Hell'

MG Siegler laments Instagram’s switch from Foursquare to Facebook for location data:

Facebook now owns Instagram, so of course they’re going to want to use their own place database, right? I guess. The issue I’m having is that for the first couple years after the deal, the database remained in the hands of Foursquare’s trusty API. Now, for whatever reason, that has changed (at least for some users). And we’re all worse off as a result.

That’s the real problem here. I get that Facebook owns Instagram and so they want to bring the geo functionality in-house as well. But the product is worse because of this change. Facebook place database is a nightmare of mislabeled and mislocated geo-barf.

Like Siegler, I frequently geotag my Instagram photos, so this is bad news.

Speaking of Apple Maps: me, my girlfriend, and her mom yesterday returned home from a 4-day trip in Sacramento. My girlfriend used Apple Maps to navigate often, and it never failed us once. Anecdotal, to be sure, but proof that Maps.app is improving — and will continue to do so.

(via Daring Fireball)