'The First App You Open in the Morning'

MG Siegler posits that the app you open first thing in the morning is telling:

I see the first app you turn to in the morning as the new homepage. Some might argue it’s your entire homescreen of apps, but I don’t think that’s right. It’s the one service you care most about, no matter the reason, and want to load immediately upon hitting the web. The delivery device has changed, but the concept has not.

Like Viticci, the first app I launch every morning is Tweetbot. Twitter has become the source from which I get most of my news nowadays. Even before launching Tweetbot, though, I rely on whatever push notifications came to my phone during the night. I always make a point to scroll through the Lock screen first, even before acting on an alert or unlocking my iPhone. (As an aside, Do Not Disturb is perhaps one of my most favorite additions to iOS in recent memory. Before Apple added it in iOS 6, the constant onslaught of chimes and the sight of a ever-waking screen lighting a dark room would bug the shit out of me. The last two years, however, have been bliss without it.)