On the Apple Car Rumors

MG Siegler, writing at Medium, offers his take on the "Apple's developing a car" buzz:

[W]e already know Steve Jobs wanted to build a car. Phil Schiller has said Apple thought about building a car in the past — and is a car guy. Jony Ive is a car guy. Eddy Cue, car guy. At some point, it would be almost like Apple was going out of its way not to build a car.

CarPlay is essentially Apple’s “Rokr” play here. You partner to test the waters and gain some intel, biding your time until you go all-in. And when that time rolls around, the automotive world is likely to be a very different place than it is right now. Electric cars galore. Self-driving cars a reality. Etc.

I've joked on Twitter that an Apple Car would be off-limits for me to review, because my low vision precludes me from getting a driver's license. My only recourse would be to hire a chauffeur to drive me around in it.