'iOS First. Android Much, Much Later.'

Semil Shah, on mobile startups and devoting development time:

The most common trap here is the early iOS app which gets some buzz. All of a sudden, the founders hear “When are you building for Android?” The natural, enthusiastic response to sincere requests of the Android chorus is to go ahead and build for Android and seek more downloads, more growth, more revenue. I have a different view though. The proper response is: “No. Buy an iPhone.” It's long been my view that while Android may be winning in market share, iOS is kicking ass in terms of app design. Apps on iOS just seem to be better designed than their Android counterparts, both in aesthetic design and in experience. The depth is the killer here, I think: Apple's APIs are better and creating for iOS is easier. Android fans crow about choice, but the device fragmentation is a real problem for third-party developers. A platform is only as good as its apps, after all. (via Daring Fireball)