On San Francisco and Cash

Michelle Robertson, writing for SFGate:

Some San Francisco neighborhoods are more averse to cash than others, according to data collected by Square Inc. in March and April. Heavy shopping districts filled with new stores and young residents, like Hayes Valley and SoMa, favor card and digital payments over older neighborhoods with more established businesses, like the Richmond and Sunset districts.

I live in the Inner Richmond and can attest to the neighborhood's preference for actual cash. The majority of businesses I frequent are hole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop dim sum places and other stores, and nearly all of them are cash-only. The only times I use something like Apple Pay is when I venture to other parts of the city, notably in various parts of the Sunset. Otherwise, I'm prone to ATM visits to get cash because that's how commerce works in my part of town. And I'm okay with that—I don't mind cash and I like supporting small businesses.