'Dysfunction at the Top'

Geoff Baker, reporting for The Seattle Times, on drama within the Mariners’ front office:

They are trying — rather desperately, some have suggested — to counter a wave of negative public perception after years of losing, turnover, turmoil and reluctance to raise their payroll beyond the $100 million mark of previous seasons.


But for Wedge and others no longer with the team, the dramatic financial splash comes too late. It also doesn’t change problems at the very top of the organization — problems they say got the team to this point in the first place.

Wedge left at season’s end, fleeing what he describes as “total dysfunction and a lack of leadership.”

Scathing piece. I guess it’s no wonder the Mariners have sucked the last several seasons.

While no doubt a premier player, I don’t have a good feeling about Robinson Cano getting $240M over 10 years from Seattle. To me, this deal is on par with what the Angels gave Albert Pujols in 2011. In other words, Cano gets big bucks only to under-produce, much like Pujols has during his time in Los Angeles. (Where by “under-produce”, I mean Pujols not putting up the kind of numbers he did with the Cardinals.) I can see Cano and the Mariners eventually regretting their marriage.