Scrambled Eggs

I've never been one to shy away from oh-so-clever titles for my blog posts, and today is no exception. Today's title is euphemistically clever because the "scrambled eggs" stand for my concussed brain. And since my brain is so, ya know, scrambled, I've decided to litter my blog with yet another episode of my fragmented stream on consciousness. So sit back, grab piece of toast and some bacon, and enjoy my random musings on this rainy December afternoon.

  • Before I left for my sociology class yesterday, I watched a re-runned Emeril make a whole lot of duck recipes. I like duck. Duck fat is damn tasty and damn useful. But watching the show, I started to wonder about confit. There's, of course, the classic version made with duck. I've seen it done with tomatoes and even onions. How come there isn't one with chicken or turkey? Somebody needs to do that.
  • Speaking of sociology, I learned last night what a megalopolis and a megacity is. I even learning the formula fr calculating population growth. (And yes, the Bay Area is a metropolis.)
  • I may love Apple products to pieces, but their stock iPod and iPhone headphones are pretty shitty. Makes me wonder if investing in a pair of these is even worth it.
  • Why is it that all the pictures I've taken with my family all involve restaurants? Is dining out the extent of our gatherings? Really?
  • Not sure how I feel about Facebook's profile redesign. Then again, it probably doesn't matter because their iOS app rocks my socks so much, I prefer using it to the actual website.
  • Despite the fact I've learned to love using Twitter for quick bites of news, I think actual tweeting might be more engaging to me if I had more than a measly two followers.
  • I just might drop by my local T-Mobile store next week to check out the new Nexus S. I'm curious to find out what the "pure" Android UI feels like.
  • So -- supposedly -- the white iPhone 4 is (finally) due for release this Spring. I'll believe it when I see it, although some people claim to have spotted the mythical beast handset in the wild.
  • So, next-generation iPad. I can see a front-facing camera for FaceTime, but no way would I want to take pictures or video with it. Yeah, awkward.
  • Useless Yet Relatively Important Fact Time: Should the zombie apocalypse happen and they eat the brains of  President Obama's cabinet, the Secretary of Homeland Security would take over. President Bush would be so proud that our country would be safer from the walking dead and, ya know, that terrorist guy that no can seem to find.
  • You read it here first: I'm predicting a Falcons-Patriots Super Bowl come February.
  • So, if church and state are separate, then why are we perpetuating a religious belief that only a man and woman should be married? And why shouldn't gays be protected under the Civil Rights Act?
  • White men can rap, even if Vanilla Ice couldn't. Eminem and Mike Shinoda are proof.
  • So I forget my new umbrella on the way to work this morning. I get off the bus, walk to my favorite cafe to grab a cup of coffee still stewing about forgetting it, and I hear this song playing on the radio. Coincidence? I think so.
  • Concussions suck hard, even the mild ones. Me hatey.
Make it go away, Santa! And bring me one of these. And this. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!