Scared Shitless

Joshua Kopstein, writing about how Congress doesn’t understand the Internet:

But the chilling takeaway of this whole debacle was the irrefutable air of anti-intellectualism; that inescapable absurdity that we have members of Congress voting on a technical bill who do not posses any technical knowledge on the subject and do not find it imperative to recognize those who do.

As Kopstein notes at the beginning of his piece, while it was once funny to laugh at George Bush and Ted Stevens refer to the Internet as, respectively, “the internets” and “a series of tubes”, the fact that Republicans are pushing to pass a bill on something they know jack shit about is downright scary. These are our elected officials?!

Marco Arment sums it up best for me, saying:

Widespread anti-intellectualism scares the shit out of me.


(via Ben Brooks)