Salesforce Tower in Downtown San Francisco Opens

Excellent story from BuzzFeed's Mat Honan:

As noon approached, an Orthodox priest, a rabbi, a Zen Center reverend, an imam, an Episcopal bishop, a Catholic archbishop, and a leader from the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center stood on a stage in downtown San Francisco, clasped hands, and said a prayer: “Bless this magnificent edifice,” they intoned, “the Salesforce Tower.”

It was a bit ridiculous. But the Salesforce Tower itself, which opened to the public on Tuesday, is no joke. For San Francisco, it is a literal monument to the wealth and power of tech, and its grand opening brought together a nexus of powerful forces in modern-day California: the technology industry, Democratic politics, and the housing crisis.

As I said on Twitter, I have close friends and family who work at Salesforce. Upon further reflection, however, the more upset I am by this. Not by Honan's story, but by the sheer idea of the Tower. As I also said on Twitter, San Francisco is a city "in real shit shape," as Honan wrote, yet Benioff and other company executives expect people to come and gawk at this architectural monstrosity that cost over a billion dollars to build. Even worse, they get religious figures to come and bless the fucking thing? It's absurd. Then Benioff has the gall to wax on about helping the city by combatting homelessness and so forth. Honan was right on: This whole farce is and was Dickensian indeed.