S-s-stutter Muthafucka, Part II

I just finished (painfully) asking Siri to remind me to pick up a couple things after work tomorrow.

Siri would be a lot more fun to use if I didn’t fucking stutter.1

Per the Wikipedia article on stuttering and its emotional consequences:

The impact of stuttering on a person’s functioning and emotional state can be severe. Much of this goes unnoticed by the speaker, and may include fears of having to enunciate specific vowels or consonants, fears of being caught stuttering in social situations, self-imposed isolation, anxiety, stress, shame, or a feeling of “loss of control” during speech. Stuttering is sometimes popularly associated with anxiety but there is actually no such correlation (though as mentioned social anxiety may actually develop in individuals as a result of their stuttering).

Granted, I don’t stutter all the time, but these symptoms are definitely all too familiar.

(Yes, I’m incredibly self-conscious about this. Hooray for emotional intelligence!)

  1. Actually, my whole life would be more fun if I didn’t fucking stutter.  ↩