So it's been about a month since my iPhone suffered its untimely demise at the hands of Mother Nature. And it still hurts. Sometimes I find myself fantasizing about going into the iPhone's box and watch it miraculously return from the dead, but I know it's not to be. Water to electronics is what Kryptonite is to Superman. I really miss it. The Multi-Touch interface. Flicking through my contacts or my music collection. Marveling at the beauty of Cover Flow. Messing around with Facebook. What I miss even more is texting using the soft keyboard and having MobileMe push emails straight to my phone. And I was rather spoiled at the ability to just tap a number to call it. Dialing just seems so...20th century. I'm still quite upset over not having my beloved iPhone, if only because I was proud of the fact I forwent two hardware upgrades and my first-gen model was still going strong. Sure, the 8 gigs of storage was getting pretty limited, what with my 1100+ song collection, but I made it to v3.1.3 of the OS without a hiccup. Not too shabby, I say. Even though I planned to upgrade my hardware this summer with the new model, I was determined to milk what I had for all its worth. And I wanted to keep the old one around as an insurance policy. That was the plan until Mother Nature had to stick her big nose in and fuck it all up. Now I'm stuck using a $30 Samsung flip phone that's made of plastic, has no camera, no apps, and the kind of fixed plastic keyboard that haunts Steve Jobs in his dreams. It's better than nothing I guess, but sending text messages on it is a real bitch and it's not fun working with a display the size of a postage stamp. I would call my current phone "shitty", but don't want to offend the good people who have phones like it because they don't have the luxury to afford such a high-end thing. I'm just grateful I have a means of communication -- at least I can get ahold of people and people can get ahold of me. Archaic as the technology may be, it's serving its purpose. Oh well. At least I'll get to peek into the future when Apple intros iPhone OS 4.0 this Thursday.