Response to My Osama Post

Looks like Rashard Mendenhall and I have something in common. About an hour ago I got an email from WordPress alerting me to a rare event for my blog -- somebody actually leaving a comment. The comment turned out to be written by some random asshole  person who, inexplicably, caught wind of my blog. I trashed what he said soon after reading it, but the gist of it was I'm stupid for being un-American and I should try living in Iran. To you, sir, I have but two words: SCREW YOU. Two points:

  1. This is my blog. I can say whatever the hell I damn well please.
  2. Last I checked, mandatory patriotism isn't in the Constitution.

Seriously. I'd love for someone to show me exactly where it's written that Americans have to be "proud" Americans. Am I really so evil because I didn't dance naked in the streets because bin Laden's dead? As I said Sunday night, it was certainly surprising to hear Osama had been killed, but I was (and still am) largely apathetic. And while I agree with everybody that he wasn't the kind of guy you'd want to have crumpets and tea with, he surely isn't the last person Al-Qaeda has in line. Rest assured there are plenty of other people ready to ascend to command. And about his role in 9/11, I've never felt any less safe since the attacks and his death won't make me feel any safer either. The irony in that person's comment was that he goes on to lecture me about how our nation's democratic values allow me to say what I did, and that if I moved to Iran I'd probably be killed for my remarks. Yes, that's all true, but our "great" country also allows me to say shit like this without persecution. I don't have to be all gung-ho "USA! USA!" if I don't want to be and I have the right to express my feelings without fear of retaliation. It's the First Amendment at its finest.

Get real. Patriotism isn't everything and being unpatriotic isn't so heinous.