My conscious streams freely yet again. This time on a Tuesday afternoon...

  • I'm still reeling a week after the atrocity that was iPhone 4 pre-ordering.
  • Especially when I found out that this guy received his today, while Apple's apparently notified others that they'll get their phones TOMORROW, a DAY EARLY.
  • Yep, 600,000 pre-orders and mine ain't one. Fuck. My. Life.
  • But, hey, on the right side, at least The Macalope shared my displeasure over this whole iPhone farce in his latest column. Bravo, Macalope, bravo.
  • Speaking of the Macalope, I highly recommend his weekly (Saturdays) columns to anyone interested in the Mac or tech in general. Good stuff.
  • Yet another unknown won a golf major (the US Open) on Sunday. Good for him, but really, who else is on the Tour aside from Tiger and Phil Mickelson? It's the most motley group of golfers I've ever seen. Adding insult to injury, Graeme McDowell -- the winner -- shot EVEN PAR.
  • Tiger better work on his game so he can win another tournament so people can give a shit about the PGA again.
  • Damn, the North Korean soccer team sucks.
  • And the French team...yeah, they need help.
  • Tweeting would be so much more fun if I had an iPhone 4 to do it on.
  • Let's see: 600K iPhone 4 pre-orders + 3M iPads sold in 80 days = a REALLY BIG quarter for Apple.
  • So much for the analysis from the analysts who said the iPad wouldn't fly off the shelves and the naysayers who said the iPad was just an oversized, underpowered iPod touch.
  • Betty White is cool. Especially when she's hosting Saturday Night Live.
  • So glad I got that damn "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" song outta my head.
  • BREAKING NEWS: President Obama bitch slaps his General all over the Oval Office.
  • And in other news, word on the street is that former President Bush (the last one) wrote his memoirs, due out in November, in crayon.
  • My new favorite snack: roasted and salted sunflower seeds.
  • Followed by some Haagen Dazs White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream.
  • I can't wait to get my hands on iPhone iOS 4. I heart multitasking and folders.
  • And finally...two reasons I must download these respective albums as soon as possible:
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