'The Right Can't Admit That Obamacare Is Working'

Ezra Klein, writing for Vox:

Today, the right struggles with Obamacare Derangement Syndrome: the acute inability to see Obamacare as anything but a catastrophic failure that the American people will soon reject. For those suffering from ODS, all bad Obamacare news is good news, and all good Obamacare news is spin. In this world, delays of minor provisions in the law prove that the entire structure is collapsing, while surges of millions of people enrolling in insurance don't prove anything at all. ODS has kept Republicans from updating their mental model of how Obamacare is doing. To them, the law's disastrous rollout proved that it was doomed. The fact that it recovered beyond anyone's expectations — literally, not a single analyst or policymaker I spoke to in December thought it credible that the exchanges would sign up 7 million by April, much less 7.5 million — hasn't made much of an impression. To me, the anti-Obamacare rhetoric reeks of pure partisanship. Conservatives don't like it because it was a Democrat who introduced the bill. If it were a Republican who had come up with the idea, right-wingers would be lauding that person as the second coming of Christ.
I still cannot fathom why the United States is so steadfastly against nationalized healthcare; it seems like our collective arrogance is the only thing stopping us from joining the rest of the industrialized world on this issue. That said, Obamacare is pretty damn good under the circumstances --- certainly better than nothing --- and I'm glad it exists. In fact, just yesterday I signed up (finally!) for insurance, and I couldn't be more happy and relieved. (via Stephen Hackett)