'The Difference Between iOS and Android Developers'

Rene Ritchie, in a smart piece on the difference between iOS and Android developers:

People - developers - aren't just numbers. They have tastes. They have biases. If they didn't, then all the great iPhone apps of 2008 would have already been written for Symbian, PalmOS, BlackBerry (J2ME), and Windows Mobile years earlier. If they didn't, then all the great Mac apps would have been migrated to Windows a decade ago.

Mobile isn't desktop, and 2014 won't be 2008, but it's hard to imagine at least some of the same forces that applied to desktop and the early days of mobile won't also apply now and into the future. Hell, even Google's iOS apps sometimes get the best features first, and the better interfaces to this day.

Ritchie hits it exactly right. Great insight.

Look at how long it took Instagram to port itself to Android. Look at how many new apps that launch these days do so exclusively on iOS. It's not solely out of their affinity for Apple that developers do this. Marco Arment said it best: Apple has all three components of the deveoper-attraction formula.

Market share alone does not an OS make. If it was, Macs and iOS devices wouldn't be so popular.