Release Therapy

In the midst of my recent inner turmoil and purported magical unicorn white iPhone 4 sightings, I once again turn to my blog for solace. At least here, I can bitch and moan, rant and rave without worrying about pesky things like censorship or hurting people's feelings. This place is -- well, I think Linkin Park sums it up pretty well. I do have one burning question, though: Evan Longoria or Eva Longoria? Because, really, what's in a name? Aside from that, I'm not sure how I feel about News Corp's new iPad-only digital newspaper. Apple's involved and invitations have been sent out to a launch event in NYC next week, but I'm not sure I want Rupert Murdoch feeding me news. After all, the Aussie billionaire owns Fox as in Fox News and -- ugh! -- I just don't think I can stomach getting the day's top stories from someone who allows Glenn Beck and Bill O' Reilly to be on television. I'll probably download the first issue to check out the technical aspects of it (Apple's involved, don't forget), but I can't see myself being a regular subscriber. Because, if there's one thing I learned in my American Government class last semester, it's that one should be judicious when considering news sources. In my case, what I've learned is Fox News is "fair and balanced" in name only. They're so blatantly partisan, it's almost comical to watch them beat their "fair and balanced" drum. So, if Eva left Tony Parker to get with Evan, she'd be Mrs. Longoria-Longoria? Writing on my own volition -- as opposed to that of the academic persuasion -- certainly is therapeutic and I do feel a lot better now. Things have taken a positive turn with regards to my issues, so I'm feeling more and more hopeful that the good that's soon to come will help me get back to normal, physically and emotionally. I'm definitely thankful for the support of everyone around me, especially my family and friends. And even more thankful for this blog because, without it, my mind would explode from everything that's packed in there. And that'd be pretty messy. It's a veritable tension dispenser. Happy ending not included. So yes, focus on the good. Like taking my little sister and the rest of the family out for her birthday dinner. And the fact her boyfriend finally joined Facebook. And my impending tax return. And the clothes I have coming from Old Navy. And the Spicy Tuna Poki from Sushi Harbor. And, thanks to Julia Child, an unadulterated Caesar salad. Indeed, from now on, this shall be my anthem. Good thing I have Graduation on my iPhone.