When it comes to productivity, concussions and blogs go together like oil and water. The reason for my lapse in updating this here blog over the last month has everything to do with the mild head trauma I suffered at work. In fact, my rather unfortunate meeting of my head and our school's hallway floor has pretty much taken over my life the last few weeks. It's quite the miracle that I've been able to sleep, study, and enjoy Thanksgiving at all considering my trauma's drama. I've been to more doctor's appointments this last month than I have in the last ten years (being insurance-less is a bitch) and haven't reveled in my crash course -- literally -- on Worker's Comp. And it's done wonders for my mood and overall disposition. Somebody write me a prescription for happy pills or something. Or brew up a dozen glasses of this stuff. So after two consecutive nights of academia where I learned what the Solicitor General does and that marrying your cousin is apparently legal in some states, it feels really nice to once again spill my thoughts on the Interwebs, Post Concussion Syndrome be damned. Besides, I've felt the need to relieve some of the pressure from my brain that's undoubtedly perpetuating the pressure on my brain. Thank heavens for outlets and a knack for wielding the (virtual) pen. And the best part? I actually contributed one post in November -- never mind the fact it's already December 1 in most of the world. Hooray for intrinsic motivation and time zones. The moral of tonight's story? Rejoice in one relapse. Pray against another.