Regarding the New Layout

Readers should notice a few changes to the look of the site.

The biggest change is that the front page eschews the previous method of displaying post excerpts, instead showing the full content of posts. I love this because I never liked how things looked with truncated content, especially when posting a “Quote of the Day”. I think this gives the site a much cleaner look, and doesn’t make it seem like I’m purposely digging for page views. What’s more, the new layout allows for clearer distinction between “linked list” posts and longer articles. (Keep in mind: you can access a post’s permalink by clicking its title.) The best part, for me, is that implementing this change was a breeze thanks to this plugin. This saved me from having to dick around with the site’s .php files.1

The other changes are minor. I changed the post titles/navigation to Bebas Neue, and went back to using FF Meta Serif Web Pro as my main font. My original intent was to change the fonts to be “different” and because I was “bored” with them, but after much testing I realized it was stupid. I spent way too much time editing the CSS the last couple days. Changes for change's sake isn’t a good thing, and I decided to leave things be.

Overall, I’m really, really happy with the new layout. Hope everyone likes it, too.

As always, if you have questions and/or comments, get in touch. Thanks!

  1. Full disclosure: I briefly hosed my site because I screwed up a couple files, causing the site to go down. Thankfully, VaultPress saved my ass.  ↩