Regarding Google Glass

Stephen Hackett, in response to Joshua Topolsky’s hands-on of the device for The Verge:

There’s no doubt in my mind that Google Glass is pushing some serious boundaries, but I’m not sure what they’re pushing against is something I want moved.

I agree. The idea is cool, but these glasses aren’t something I’m interested in. More pessimistically, I don’t believe many consumers will want them, because a) they’re $1,500; and b) once the novelty wears off, people will throw them right back into the box. To me, Google Glass has the same problem as 3D TV insofar that it’s gimmicky. Again, the concept might be great, but in practice it sucks. Does anyone really want to buy an expensive pair of glasses to watch movies with maybe only a handful of times? Likewise, does anyone really want to wear glasses to find information that could be just as easily gained by the iPhone in their pocket? I don’t think so.