Regarding Drafts 3

Ben Brooks and I are of the same mind on this:

I have a lot of respect for the work that has gone into Drafts, but I just need the scratchpad, so Scratch it is for me. I’ve come to realize I am just not a person that wants to, or needs to, use apps on my iPhone to do all sorts of crazy other stuff. It makes it too complicated for me to think about and adds too much cruft and not enough just doing.

In my case, I view Drafts in the same light as OmniFocus — which is to say, both apps scare the shit out of me. Both are so deep and configurable that I find them very intimidating. Like Ben, I think Drafts is undoubtedly a best-in-class app, but I often wonder if I truly need all its power. Most of the time I use it as it was originally intended: as a scratch pad. I'd like to use Drafts more, but if I'm going to, I want to really take advantage of all it can do. The problem is, my use case doesn't require all that power and, quite frankly, reading Viticci's review made my eyes glaze over. The bottom line is Drafts is overly complicated for what I want to accomplish.

I've downloaded Scratch (to my iPhone. I think it'll be better-suited to my needs.