Regarding Apple's Q4 Earnings Call

Apple today announced their fourth quarter results. Among the highlights:

  • $37.5B in revenue
  • 33.8M iPhones sold (this time last year: 26.9M)
  • 14.1M iPads sold (this time last year: 14M)
  • 4.6M Macs sold (this time last year: 4.9M)

Another great quarter, especially for iPhone. “Can’t innovate, my ass”, indeed.

However, it was this breakdown that really stands out to me:

Q4 revenue by product

The iPod now only accounts for a measly 2 percent of Apple’s revenue.

Things sure have changed since 2007; the iPhone is clearly Apple's breadwinner.

(My thanks to Federico Viticci for letting me use his pie chart.)