So 2011 is 21 days old (young?) and I'm just now getting to my first post of the new year. Not only that, but my blog gets a shiny new theme. A theme in which I've actually installed widgets because, well, widgets are cool and mighty handy. The UI is brighter and definitely more user-friendly. Hopefully my smattering of readers will appreciate the five whole minutes I put into creating the thing. I've really enjoyed keeping up with this over the last year -- next month, the blog will be a year old. It's really been a safe haven for my thoughts...a place where I can rant, rave, bitch, and basically be as uncensored as I want to be. Plus, ya know, it's given me opportunity to flaunt my writing talents. I may not be perfect, but I take a lot of pride in my pen-wielding and certainly appreciate the praise I've gotten from my cult following. So, thank you to all who bother to read my ramblings. Your support means a lot. Now for some random bits...

  • New Year's Resolutions are so phony. Actually, the whole premise of the "new year" is phony because nobody's life dramatically changes just because the Earth completed its orbit. And nobody sticks to their vows anyway. Case in point: I'm still suffering lingering effects from my concussion, still haven't found myself a girlfriend, and still pretty much have the same life I've had over the last 12 months, more or less. Which is why, contrary to what I said on FB on NYE, I have yet to tweet more so far this year. Then again, I have gained one more follower, so I guess resolution comes in baby steps.
  • Speaking of Twitter, I was all aflutter -- no pun intended -- when Apple unlocked the virtual doors to the Mac App Store a few weeks ago because, hey, why should iOS have all the App Store goodness? Yet, for all my excitement, I've yet to download a single app. Twitter for Mac will be the first.
  • Tom Brady actually threw an interception during last week's Divisional game versus the Jets. The Patriots and Falcons both lost, so yeah...there's goes my Super Bowl prediction.
  • Never did get that Powershot S90 or MacBook Air for Christmas. I'm holding out for a backlit keyboard.
  • Someone explain to me how the Raiders can go 6-0 within the division and NOT make the playoffs?
  • Must. Back. Up. iTunes. Library. #playingwithfire
  • Spicy Tuna Poki = Awesomeness
  • Rihanna and Eminem lying again = Even better than the first time.
  • And my Post Concussion Syndrome? Me still hatey.

New Year. Old blog. New theme. Same old random content. Enjoy, everyone!