On Apple and Product (RED)

John Paczkowski, reporting for BuzzFeed on an interview with CEO Tim Cook:

“My view on this — which I recognize is different from that of some others — is that just as people have values, so too should corporations,” Cook told BuzzFeed News. “One of ours at Apple is the idea that part of being a great company is leaving the world better than you found it.”


“We look for ways we think we can uniquely contribute to the world in which we live,” Cook said. “And we’ll always touch more people through our products than anything else. … It’s that area — an area in which we have expertise — where we think we can make a contribution that multiplies well beyond simply writing a check. We want to advocate for human rights in a way that people can look at what we’re doing and say ‘you know, I could be a part of something like that’ — ‘I could do something like that.’ For us this is critically important.”

It's their participation in initiatives like Product (RED)—and their work in accessibility—that makes me respect them as a company aside from being a fan of their products. It humanizes the company in a way that goes beyond the monolithic "Apple," and belies their stature as the world's most profitable corporation. Apple isn't perfect by any means, but they do things that other companies of similar size don't.

See also: Apple's press release announcing their involvement with RED this year, which includes a few new accessories. There's now a red iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case and a red iPhone SE case to go along with the company's other (RED) products.